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Design Centre Institute of Creativity and Innovation is affiliated with Sardar Patel University, Balaghat.

Audio and video editing is the process of rearranging video shots to create new work. Audio and Video editing are usually considered to be one part of the post-production process — other post-production tasks include titling, colour correction, sound mixing, sound editing.

Design centre is the best training institute of audio and video editing skills. Our training institute in Indore offers to certificate preparing along with job opportunities.Through an integrated learning approach, we deliver a full learning experience starting with assessments, training, reinforcement, support and validation. We help you find the best solution that fits in your budget, timeframe and better learning preference.

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It is done by many types of software like

Software majorly used in Audio and video are-

Adobe premiere - It is used for video editing. It includes many kinds of tools which help in video editing like trimming or cutting, rippling or masking of clips etc. It is timeline based video editing software. It also helps us in sound editing.

Sony wegas - Sony Wegas is also used for video editing.



Design centre is the leading and best Audio and video editing training institute in Indore that provides high-quality educational services.
It is very simple! Just call us or send us an enquiry through our website.
Yes, of course, we will provide job placement assistance to you after the successful completion of your training session.
Yes , we give an Autodesk certificate after the successful completion of your classes with the best skills at our Audio and video editing centre.
The industry of designing has been drastically enhanced in the last few years, and therefore the need for qualified engineers has been also increased. Thus an individual who has taken proper Audio and video editing training has the scope of several career opportunities.
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